A Healthy Camp Starts at Home!

A healthy camp really does start at home. Here are some things you can do to assure your child has a great summer camp experience.

  1. When children show signs of illness, keep them home. This greatly reduces the spread of illness at camp. Be aware of your camp’s criteria for inclusion in camp.
  2. Teach your child to sneeze in his/her sleeve, and to wash his/her hands often at camp.
  3. Closed-toed shoes are a requirement for activities such as sports and hiking. This will help avoid slips, trips, and falls, which could cause injuries. Stress to your child the importance of wearing closed-toed shoes to prevent a toe, foot, and/or ankle injury.
  4. Send enough clothes so your child can wear layers. Mornings can be chilly and by afternoon it will be hot. This enables your child to peel his/her layers off as the weather warms.
  5. Fatigue plays a part in injuries. If children are going to day camp, ensure they get enough rest at night. If children are going to resident camp, explain that camp is not like a sleepover. Explain to your child that he/she should not try to stay up all night!
  6. Don’t forget to send sunscreen, and instruct your child how to use sunscreen.
  7. Please send a reusable water bottle. Your child can refill it frequently during their camp stay. Staying hydrated is very important in the summer.
  8. The American Camp Association’s® parent-dedicated Web site, www.CampParents.org, provides a wide range of educational resources to help parents make good health-related decisions for children.

Building a partnership between you and the camp staff is essential for your child to have the best camp experience possible this summer!Download Healthy Camp Parent Flyer