Explore 30 Camp Reading Program

Explore 30Research shows that children can experience “summer learning loss” during summer months.  As a result, young people can forget up to 2 months of academic instruction, particularly in the areas of reading and math when they are not in school. Intentional programs, such as camp, can help reduce summer learning loss by providing opportunities for children to participate in an expanded learning environment - an environment where children are engaged and are able to feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Beginning this summer, the American Camp Association is launching the Explore 30 Camp Reading Programwhich addresses summer learning loss by providing youth with at least 30 minutes of reading time per day.  Explore 30 is a FREE program where camps incorporate intentional academic enrichment into their program — specifically by encouraging daily reading to support building literacy.   

Current Explore 30 Partners and Sponsors

Sesame Workshop (The Electric Company) - Providing children's magazines and online reading resources to participating camps. Playbooks Reader's Theater
American Patch & Emblem Company, Inc.
Candlewick Press American Reading Company