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Are Education Reformers Focusing on the Right Issues?

Our children are beginning to lag behind other nations in academic achievement. While education reform is essential, is the focus on year-round school off the mark? According to Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association®, "Teaching children to pass standardized tests doesn't necessarily teach them to think for themselves. Education is about more than teaching answers; it's about equipping our kids with the ability to develop the art of seeing the possibilities."

Childhood is not passive; it isn't meant to happen inside a box, and children are natural learners if appropriate environments are provided. Camp provides these environments and serves as the solution to many of the gaps in our current education system. Camp teaches values such as self-esteem, teamwork, and caring — areas where traditional schools sometimes cause more detriment than good. And camp allows everyone, not just the "A" student and the athlete, to thrive and enjoy the process of learning.

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The organized camp experience is a vital component in the development and education of the whole child.

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We all know the power of the media in dispelling myths and bringing-to-light the real issues.  Join us in advocating for the year-round education of children by sending letters to your local media.

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