Advisory Panel

Bob Ditter
Bob Ditter is a child, adolescent, and family therapist in Boston, Massachusetts. He consults with youth agencies throughout the United States, including The American Camp Association (ACA), The Girl Scouts of the USA, The YMCA, Salvation Army, JCC, and many others. He has visited over 500 camps in the United States, writes a column for Camping Magazine, the official publication of ACA, and has authored several books and training videos for camp professionals.

Linda Ebner Erceg, R.N., M.S., P.H.N.
Linda is Health & Safety Coordinator for the Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, Minnesota, and executive director of the Association of Camp Nurses. With "Healthier Camping for All" as her personal motto, Linda regularly writes and speaks about camp health issues as well as works with parents interested in making camp a good experience for their child.

Ethan D. Schafer, Ph.D.
Ethan completed his doctorate in child clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University, where he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology. He also works in a private practice in the Cleveland area. He has over fifteen years of camp experience and has been consulting with summer camps for several years.

Christopher Thurber, Ph. D.
Dr. Christopher Thurber is a board-certified clinical psychologist, father, husband, and camp consultant. He is co-author of the critically acclaimed Summer Camp Handbook. Dr. Thurber is also the author and host of The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success—a DVD & CD set that is every new camper family’s road map to less homesickness and more fun. An award-winning contributor to Camping Magazine, Chris has also shared his youth development expertise on the Today Show, NPR, PBS, The New York Times, Parents, and Newsweek. Contact Dr. Thurber at

Stephen Wallace, M.S. Ed.
Stephen Wallace has broad experience as a school psychologist and adolescent counselor. He serves as Director of Counseling and Counselor Training at the Cape Cod Sea Camps, Chairman and CEO of SADD, and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Mount Ida College. Stephen is a researcher, writer, and speaker who focuses on youth development and decision-making. He is a regular contributor to regional and national broadcasts and his bimonthly columns appear in newspapers across the country.

Edward A. Walton, M.D., F.A.A.P.,F.A.C.E.P.
Dr. Walton is assistant professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has been involved in camping and camp health research for twenty years, and his scholarly articles concerning camp health issues have appeared in major medical journals. He consults on camp health issues for the American Academy of Pediatrics and serves on the National Board of the American Camp Association. He has also shared his youth development and camp expertise at medical and other professional conferences, in broadcast and print media, and on the internet.